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Pressure Points Therapy
Pressure Points Therapy
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Pressure Points Therapy
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Pressure Points Therapy
Kinesis Myofascial Integration - Anatomy Trains
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KMI Structural Integration  

"I have found the 12 KMI sessions with Nikki to be worth every penny. I did them while studying for a Pilates qualification and the treatments really helped free up some space and release in my body which has enabled me to progress my Pilates repetoire much more rapidly than I could otherwise have achieved. The treatments are utterly different to anything else I have experienced, the best description I can give is that it is like being moulded like a piece of clay by a potter. At the end of each session I could feel distinct differences in my posture and my movement. Best of all these changes have lasted long after the treatment was finished. The whole of my body benefited but particularly valuable for me was the release of tension in my neck and shoulders - life is now so much more comfortable. The icing on the cake was Nikki, it was a pleasure spending time with her. I am really sorry that I have now finished the course of treatments."
Ruth Hanley, Pilates instructor

"As a bodywork practitioner myself I was looking for something to improve my posture as standing over therapy tables 8 hours a day was starting to show. I came across Nikki Collis via Tom Myers' Anatomy Trains website.
I have been impressed with Nikki’s expert knowledge of anatomy and function, and have learned quite a bit myself during the sessions. After 12 sessions there was a marked improvement in posture and a feeling of being more integrated. Now writing this two months after the last session the changes and improvements in posture continue and are commented on. I can highly recommend the KMI treatment with Nikki as you are assured of top quality professionalism, and I am more than happy with the results."
Robert Butler, Bowen technique therapist (Chiswick, W4)

"I have been to see Nikki for both a 12 session KMI structural integration course and numerous (too many to count) sports massages. She is absolutely fantastic - professional, friendly and a real expert in her field. I wasn't really aware there were issues with my posture before starting the KMI course, however, I soon noticed what a difference it made. I felt better and the 'before and after' photos prove there was a noticable change to my posture. I can't recommend her highly enough (my husband, sister and friend who have also had massages following my recommendation can also testify to that!)"
Linden Thomson

"I came to Nikki with a chronic problem in my right hip and lower back. After completing the KMI series, I saw a significant improvement in my movement and a clear reduction in discomfort. Nikki's very precise technique and intelligent approach to KMI and sports massage means that I continue to turn to her to alleviate the aches and pains that are the inevitable consequence of an active lifestyle."
Michael Rook, Personal trainer

"I have been involved in qigong for many years and am a qualified instructor so I am fully conversant with the benefits of the Chinese approach to the body arts and their deep wisdom built up over the millennia. However I am equally of the view that significant progress is being made in western understanding of a more holistic approach to the body structure and function, and furthermore "long term" in the west tends to mean months rather than decades! Ultimately all of the worlds approaches will be united at a centerpoint but until that time it is always good to get a more 360 degree perspective. I was impressed by Tom Myers' works and found Nikki from that site. I was very fortunate to find her as a practitioner as not only is Nikki technically skilled and the beneficial results apparent (and entirely congruent with oriental methodologies, albeit coming form a more physical than energetic paradigm) but she was a delight to see and talk to each week. With such a series of treatments rapport is invaluable as is Nikki's approach of treating the person and taking their desires into account rather than just rolling out "the approach" regardless. I would have no hesitation in recommending her as a practitioner of KMI and of the value of the KMI approach in improving the postural functioning of the body and an adjunct to more traditional approaches."
Mike Baliman

Sports Massage  

"I thought you’d like to know that after a gap of three and a half years I finally managed to complete a marathon on Sunday – in a delightfully damp Blackpool and in a new PB time of 3.07. I’m absolutely delighted and wanted to say a huge thank you for all your treatment over the last 12 months. You’ve really kept me going! A year ago (probably even last week!) I really doubted I would ever run a marathon again in a decent time. Now I’ve qualified for next year’s London!"
Will Smith, Marathon runner

"I would like to say thank you very much for the excellent work you did on my calves. Your manipulation really freed them up and I have not had any cramp since. If I require any work done on my shoulder I will definitely be seeing you again."
John Stevens, shortly after completing the Three Peaks Challenge

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