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Pressure Points Therapy
Pressure Points Therapy
SMA Member Level 4
Pressure Points Therapy
ISRM - Institute of Sport & Remedial Massage
Pressure Points Therapy
Kinesis Myofascial Integration - Anatomy Trains
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Sports Massage Therapy and KMI Structural Integration

Hi, I’m Nikki Collis, a qualified sports massage therapist and KMI structural integration practitioner working in central London and Surrey. Whether you regularly play sports or are suffering at an office desk, deep tissue massage can really make a difference. Working your deep tissue unlocks stress, assists healing and improves performance. Prevention is better than cure, so regular treatment helps avoid muscle strain and keeps you in peak condition.

Whether you are looking to enhance performance, reduce pain, or both, I will focus on a treatment plan tailored to your needs. Your initial assessment will also highlight any areas of imbalance that may lead to future problems so we can deal with these before they become an issue.

Whilst sports massage helps with injury rehabilition and prevention, KMI examines the patterns that exist throughout your whole body, and helps to create posture and movement which provide greater ease, fluidity and efficiency. Please see the KMI structural integration page for more information.

I have treated clients from a wide variety of sporting backgrounds so am sure you will feel the benefit whatever your fitness levels.

I look forward to helping you reach your goals –


Pressure Points Therapy
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